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Subscription Management

With a state-of-the-art suite of reporting tools, just customer acquisition on an interval basis.

  • Strengthen conversions by easing payment for customer, irrespective of the payment methods available.
  • Improve retention by keeping customer engaged in the products they subscribe to.
  • Keep your business ahead of the curve by continually testing new subscription models.
  • Maximise revenues by building and maintaining customer trust and confidence.

Customer Support

Turn customers into loyal fans by ensuring the best customer experiences through prompt and responsive support.

  • Offer support via a chatbot, phone, email or highly trained support agents.
  • Ensure dynamic flow of information for easy understanding and speed of service.
  • Offer multilingual support with localised contact centres around the world.
  • Give customers the confidence that you understand their cultural context.
  • Access the same high standards of support anywhere in the world through standardised agent training, supplemented with the local inclusions.

Fraud & Risk Management

Protect your merchant account against fraudulent transactions. Don’t let chargebacks become disruptive events that put your account at risk.

  • Capitalise on our wide expertise in online payments and e-commerce, which gives us unique insight into the ever-present risk of fraud.
  • Get the power of comprehensive and flexible tools to manage risks while optimising conversion rates.
  • Benefit from our proprietary risk rule-based system to analyse each payment in real time.
  • Get reports on the profile of each transaction. As a minimum, each payment is profiled against velocity and frequency checks and validated against an ever-expanding blacklist of banned transactions.
  • Our risk team will constantly monitor your payment and transaction patterns for early detection of and effective solutions for fraud and risk issues. This service is provided at no additional cost to our merchants.


Today, the best place to connect with your customer base is social media. But to effectively engage existing and potential customers on these platforms, you need to get your strategy just right.

  • Connect with prospects and existing customers on the channels that they frequent.
  • Free up your time by letting Woodlaine create and manage your social media accounts, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  • Get your social media accounts managed by experienced professionals who will monitor social media activities for maximum impact and ROI with:
    • Direct message management
    • Influencer targeting
    • Social media audits
    • General consultation and advice

Website Compliance & Moderation

Ease compliance and gain peace of mind with support from an experienced and knowledgeable website moderation team.

  • Age Verification Services to ensure users are of legal age
  • Verification of proof of identity of users
  • GDPR compliance consultancy
  • Monitoring of social media and user generated content
  • Consultation of regulations for jurisdictions you operate in

Media Content Delivery

Keep customers engaged with web content across multiple formats, including text, audio, video and images.

  • Deliver all content formats quickly and easily with our high-quality real-time streaming service.
  • Real-time streaming worldwide
  • Powerful content delivery network (CDN) with geographically distributed servers for high-speed online content delivery
  • Deliver content from one end of the world to another, anytime

Woodlaine Careers

Do you want to be part of a team that is dynamic, high-energy, passionate and amazingly fun to work with?

The Sky is the Limit

We are a highly ambitious company that will settle for nothing less than global leadership. For this, we are looking to grow our software development team.

A Chance to Travel

Does being a techie mean only a desk job? Not with Woodlaine. Our strategic partners are spread across Europe, and you might need to travel to at least one of these locations for technical “onboarding.”

Career Growth

We are especially proud of our track record of attracting and retaining top quality talent and providing them with meaningful opportunities for career development and work life balance.

Touch Thousands of Lives

We develop cutting-edge business solutions and applications, which our clients use to serve millions of people across the world. We specialise in Software Development and IT infrastructure for large-scale, internet-based apps.

A Step Ahead of the Rest

We take pride in always staying ahead of the technology curve by continually evaluating and improving our products, services and user experiences. Our solutions and platforms are regularly updated to remain cutting-edge.

At the Leading Edge of Technology

We actively seek out and engage in the most relevant technologies that align with our business and technology strategies. We ensure exacting quality standards to retain a competitive edge.

Current Career Opportunities with Woodlaine

Happy customers are your biggest advocates and can become your most successful sales team.


Website Compliance Moderators

Woodlaine Digital Solutions Ltd, the owner-operators of our digital entertainment platform have exciting opportunities for WEBSITE COMPLIANCE MODERATORS to join our growing team. Our digital

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